Episode 46

Church People and Singing Zombies, with Christopher Shawn Shaw

Episode 46 - Church People and Singing Zombies, with Christopher Shawn Shaw

In this episode, host Geoffrey Whitt  interviews filmmaker Christopher Shawn Shaw, delving into his journey from aspiring actor to accomplished director. Christopher discusses his start in filmmaking, initially inspired by a VHS camera gifted in college, and his evolution into roles behind the camera through projects like the 168 Film Project. He also talks about his comedy feature, 'Church People,' the importance of attending film festivals, and his approach to crowdfunding and social media engagement. Shaw gives insight into upcoming projects, including 'Dogs on Duty,' a series on service dogs, and 'Like Daddy Used to Say,' a film about human trafficking.  There is also an important discussion on the need for audience support in faith-based filmmaking.

  •  Introduction and Welcome
  • Christopher's Career Journey
  • First Foray into Filmmaking
  • The 168 Film Project Experience
  • Church People: A Comedy Narrative
  • Impact of COVID on Church People
  • Church People Development
  • Recent Projects and Collaborations
  • How You Can Help Independent Filmmakers
  • Crowdfunding and Supporting Independent Films
  • Strategies for Getting Your Work in front of People
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Christopher Shawn Shaw is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and owner of Anchor Productions. He helmed the comedy film, CHURCH PEOPLE—which made the Movieguide® top ten faith-based comedies list—starring Thor Ramsey and Erin Cahill, featuring Stephen Baldwin, Donald Faison, William Baldwin, Chynna Phillips, Joey Fatone, and Michael Monks. Christopher also produced, directed, and edited the comedy cooking show, Something Smells Funny™, hosted by Comedian Scott Wood, featuring special guests Victoria Jackson, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Jimmy Brogan, and Bobby Collins. His most recent award-winning project is a faith-based musical comedy... with singing zombies.

Christopher's Website https://christophershawnshaw.com/

Church People Film Website https://churchpeoplefilm.com/

Christopher on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/youarecaredfor

Christopher on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/directorcss/

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